Batteries are sensitive to extreme temperatures. They function best at a temperature between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius. It is therefore best to store the battery at room temperature and only place it on the e-bike when you set off.

Here we give 6 tips for using the battery in cold weather. The tips for removing the battery from the bicycle only apply to bicycles equipped with the Pendix system.

1. Charge level and temperature

If winter driving is too cold for you, it is best to store the battery at a temperature between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius and keep the charge level between 50 and 80%.

2. Take it easy

At low temperatures, it makes sense to downshift a gear. Select a lower gear with a correspondingly higher cadence. A cadence of 70 to 80 revolutions (rpm) is ideal for this. Frequent starting and stopping requires more energy. Therefore, try to pedal as evenly as possible. This optimizes the range of the e-bike battery.

3. Different support levels

An e-bike has different support levels. The higher settings in particular are best used in winter. Due to the stronger pedal assistance of the motor, the absorbed current heats the battery. And we also get warmer when we move more in cold weather.

4. E-bike maintenance in winter

A well-lubricated chain and the correct tire pressure ensure that the battery has to supply less energy. Tire pressure that is too low causes more friction on a firm surface, which leads to a loss of speed. More energy is then required to reach the desired speed. Do a winter check in the fall or make an appointment at the dealer.

5. Charge battery

A cold battery charges very slowly. Therefore, if the battery has become cold, it is better to charge it indoors and at room temperature. In that case, let the battery warm up first to prevent condensation. Condensation negatively affects the charging cycle and, in the worst case, can cause damage to the battery. 

It is therefore only permitted to charge the Pendix battery at a temperature between 10 and 45 C, as described on the instruction label on the battery.

6. Battery protection covers

With our neoprene protective covers for Pendix batteries, cooling is slowed down and also prevents overheating. Ask our customer service about this.