Sustainability is a verb and we work hard to create and enlarge our positive impact on both people and the planet. We do so by making clear choices and continue to search for improvements. Here is a handful of sustainable choices we stand for:

. Reuse of steel frames and front forks (more than 30% of a bicycle);

. Recycling all parts of used bikes and packaging materials that we can no longer use;

. Applying sustainable components such as wood and cork;

. Give a second life to discarded materials, such as shark protectors made from conveyor belts;

. Co-operate with suppliers from the Netherlands and other European countries nearby as much as possible. This ensures less transport and lower CO2 emissions;

. Use of high quality parts, such as tyres, brakes and saddles, so that a Roetz will last longer;

. Offer employment to people with limited opportunities in the labor market and encourage them to discover and use their talents;

. Remanufacturing of existing bicycle fleets, such as the public transport bikes of the Dutch Railways, whereby we completely renew used bikes with 70% reused materials.

So, with riding a sustainable Roetz you truly contribute to a more healthy planet!