It's best to treat a leather Brooks saddle with Brooks Proofide leather fat. It makes the leather supple and more comfortable. It also offers protection against weather influences. Apply this leather fat mainly at the bottom of the saddle and use a small amount for the upper part only. Rub it out well with a soft cloth to prevent staining. 

Grease the saddle regularly in the first few weeks and from then on every 9 months. 

A wet saddle can cause stains in clothing. Wet leather can also start sagging and damaging the saddle. Therefore it's better to protect the saddle with a cover when leaving the bike outside. When the saddle still gets dirty or wet, clean it with a cloth and treat the saddle with Brooks Proofide. 

The correct leather tension ensures that the saddle stays in shape and retains its comfort. To strengthen the leather deck, turn the bolt in the saddle nose up to 90 degrees at a time and check the tension. Be careful, don't strain too much or too often. As soon as you've reached the end of the nose bolt, you can't strain the saddle any further.