A bike is built to ride and has a lot to endure in wind and rain. A Roetz consists of a solid frame and high-quality components. By properly maintaining your bike, you ensure a longer lifespan of your bike and more cycling pleasure! Our advice is to have a first small service to be carried out approximately 8 to 10 weeks after receiving your new bike. 

If you choose to pick up your new bike at the Fair Factory, we offer you this first service free of charge. All parts are being checked and adjusted, such as the chain and acceleration, to make sure your bike keeps riding smooth. 

In addition, annual maintenance is important for the preservation of your bike. For this you can also come over to our Roetz Fair Factory in Amsterdam-North. or find a local dealer in your area. On our website you'll find all our dealers. To make a service appointment at the Roetz Fair Factory you can email our customer service.