Yes sure! We happily take in your old bike and ensure all parts get a good destination. If your bike has a steel frame that's still intact and fits in our design line, we build an original Roetz with it! 

We offer you a € 50,- discount on your new Roetz bike or e-bike when you hand in current bike at our Fair Factory.

Do you want to order your new bike online? Please send us an e-mail to saying 'I want to trade in my bike'. We will send you a code you can use online and you can turn over your bike when you pick up your new Roetz.

Do you want to order your bike at our factory? Then we will arrange this during your visit.

We cannot turn your old bike into your own new Roetz unfortunately; our production process is too complex for this.

But it's great to know one day there'll be a Roetz riding somewhere, that is built with your donated frame!